Quality Support, Remotely.

Remote Support is a very important development in IT. With Remote Support Software we are able to provide you with a whole new type of service, allowing us to potentially fix an issue quicker, fix a machine without being on-site and with our CentraStage package we can also manage and update software on all of your machines, without interfering with your work.

Instant Access to Your Server with LogMeIn.

LogMeIn is our basic Remote Support Package that allows us to remotely access your server. We install this as standard with no charge to our customers to allow us to extend the level of service that we can offer. From here we can perform tasks such as creating new users, managing files and backups, and also configuring policies and other network settings.

Whole Network Support Via CentraStage.

CentraStage is our most complete remote support solution, designed to allow us to provide some sort of Support to virtually any device that you have in school. Each Computer has a small program installed that runs in the background. With this we can remotely manage software packages, operating system patches and also provide remote support directly to a single machine while in use. We can watch a user showing us a problem and then attempt to resolve it while they are watching.

If you are interested in having CentraStage at your school or small business, please Contact Us for more information.